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Month: May 2018

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Green Hop II – Return of the Wet Hop

It was the middle of May when Jim went out to visit the hop gardens in Sandhurst, Kent.

After a wee chat with Nicola he went out to one of the gardens to see how things were progressing.  Frankly it looked great. (see below)

The next visit will be at the end of June when the final decision as to what hop to use in this years brew will be made.

Quite exciting especially as coming on this year will be Jester and Olicana.

If you’d like to know what happened last year check out our blog on our NEWS page.

Date Line – 30th July 2018

Jim and Sarah went to Sandhurst and met up with Nicola to discuss the weather, harvesting and beer.

So far this year the summer has been very very hot. Some of the earliest hops were found on the 16th of July this year, which is very early indeed.

The long hot dry spell hasn’t been kind to the hops but the recent light rain has soaked fairly deep into the ground, as it’s been light it hasn’t just run straight off and so hopefully this will give the hops the well needed boost they so desperately require.

 yes it really does say over 41 degrees C. Which is a tad on the warm side.

The hop gardens are looking good and when this garden gets harvested on the 30th of August we will be waiting to scoop away a couple of hop pockets to brew with a few hours later.

These are Bramling Cross which we have decided to go with this year. This is the garden that got caught in the twister storm last August, just before the bank holiday and it all came down.  It was left to decompose where it had fallen so all the nutrients from last years crop went back into the soil for this years crop.

Thanks again to Nicola, Chris and Seb for all their hard work getting the hops into shape for this years harvest. I think they’ll need a few ales to help them and the team get the crop in.

Sarah, who joined us in the sales department recently, came along today, for a bit of a jolly. I’m not sure she expected to have to walk down the hill passed the vineyard to get to the hop garden though.

More to follow next month when we harvest and brew with these hops on the 30th August. Fingers crossed, no twisters this year.




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Summer’s Here

The first of our summer ales is out, Beachhead makes a come back early by popular demand.

It’s traditional real ale colour flies in the face of popular convention.  The low ABV at 3.7% doesn’t compromise on the flavour. served cool it’s light and refreshing.  A smooth easy drinking ale.